Based on flow immunochromatography and liquid microwell culture techniques, Speed™ diagnostics are easy and quick to perform and bring to vet-practitioners rapid and reliable answers to adjust their prescription and to screen infectious and chronic diseases from the early stages. Diagnostic tests to confirm the health status of animals and to identify pathogens.

ForLab is offering the following Speed™ rapid tests:

  • Infection diseases
  • Vector bone and parasitic diseases
  • Biomarkers
  • Farm animals infection diseases

Next to the rapid test we also offer an ELISA for canine prostate specific esterase (CPSE):

Odelis CPSE™ from BVT-Virbac enables medical analysis laboratories to perform a quantitative assay of CPSE from a standard serum or plasma sample. In dogs, the blood concentration of CPSE increases in the presence of benign prostatic hyperplasia. Odelis CPSE™ provides the practitioner with a simple and objective complementary examination to detect subclinical prostatic disease, and assess the necessity for instigating appropriate treatment.

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