Ditron Medtech

Focused on veterinary POCT R&D and manufacturing

Ditron Medtech is an innovative high-tech manufacturer based on new nano biotechnology, focusing on providing high-end rapid quantitative detection products for the veterinary diagnostic field. The company has dozens of senior experts who used to work in the field of human in vitro diagnostics and veterinary clinical practitioners. They have two veterinary GMP lines totally over 5,000 square meters. The production capacity is over 72,000,000 tests per year.

Ditron Medtech has overseas distribution partners in over 30 countries globally including Europe, USA, South America and Oceania. As a group, they have an affiliated R&D center in Santiago USA focusing on research and development of electrochemical detection products.

Ditron Medtech products

  • VET Immunofluorescence
  • VET Chemistry Analyzer
  • VET Urine Analyzer
  • VET Coagulation Analyzer

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Ditron Medtech