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One of the most important progress of the medical diagnostic is the use of the P.C.R. (Polymerase chain reaction). With this technology, we can expect to find into serum, urine, CRF, very small quantity of contaminants like, fungi, bacteria and viruses.


Different techniques as IFA, EIA, ELISA, WESTERN BLOT and, last but not least, PCR, offer the opportunity to make the diagnostic of a very large quantity of pathogen factors responsible of endemic but also very rare diseases.


The POINT OF CARE technique is a kind of tests more and more used as well for a question of rapidity as for less manipulation. The test requires one or two steps giving an answer into a couple of minutes. The results obtained are qualitative or sometimes quantitative too. In case of emergency a “RAPID TEST” offers a very quick and easy answer to the patricians.


Kinase inhibitors, Kinase inhibitor libary, epigenetics, recombinant protein, biotynilated proteins, FISH and CIS products, array products


Diagnostic tests made for confirming the health status of animals and identifying pathogens. They enable the early detection, management and control of animal diseases.