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Expert in sample preparation, air sampler, optronics, gas detection, radiation monitoring

Bertin Instruments is a brand of CNIM Group, dedicated to innovative measurement and sampling solutions for key global markets such as: laboratory equipment, nuclear instrumentation and defense & security.
Bertin Instruments’ customized sales and R&D approach is based on: a product-specific and customer-centered organization, a global presence with a broad network of local partners, targeted markets where their engineers can stand out with technological excellence and a high technical and scientific digital support.

Precellys homogenizers
Bertin Instruments offers a range of efficient and flexible Precellys homogenizers based on bead-beating technology for grinding samples prior to DNA, RNA and protein analysis. Tissue homogenizers, combined with a dedicated lysing kit, are a lab’s best partner to save time and also to improve the efficiency of sample preparation protocols.

Coriolis µ biological air sampler
Coriolis µ is an innovative biological air sampler for bio-contamination assessment, mainly dedicated to air quality control and air quality monitoring in e.g. environmental and pollution research, pharmaceutical, food and veterinary industries. Recently, it has been used in Asia and Europe to collect Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 and help prevent further spread.

Main product lines

  • Precellys tissue homogenizers
  • Coriolis microbial air sampler

Main products

Sample preparation – Homogenizers

  • Precellys Evolution homogenizer – The most advanced tissue homogenizer combining high efficiency and versatility for all sample preparation needs.
  • Precellys 24 Touch homogenizer – An intuitive tissue homogenizer to prepare any kind of biological sample.
  • Precellys nucleic acid extraction kits – Precellys homogenizers & nucleic acid extraction kits offer an optimized solution to purify DNA and RNA from your tissue samples.
  • Lysing kits – The Precellys lysing kits are dedicated to sample preparation for Precellys tissue homogenizers.
  • Minilys personal homogenizer – Especially designed for low throughput laboratory workflows, the Minilys personal tissue homogenizer homogenizes three samples simultaneously in 0.5mL or 2mL tubes and one sample in 7 ml tubes.
  • Cryolys Evolution – A patented cooling system compatible with the Precellys Evolution tissue homogenizer. It prevents thermo-sensitive samples from heat degradation during homogenization process.
Precellys, a comprehensive range of tissue homogenizers

Air monitoring

  • Coriolis Compact – A dry Cyclonic air sampler able to operate up to 8 hours straight and compatible with multiple downstream analysis (NGS, qPCR, Culture).
  • Coriolis Micro – Coriolis µ is a Biological Air Sampler for air bio-contamination control compatible with all analysis methods thanks to its liquid output.
  • Coriolis Consumables – A full range of dedicated consumables to ensure optimal collection efficiency for the Coriolis Air Sampler.
  • Cleapart-100 – A passive collecting device, working autonomously to monitor airborne particle contamination
Coriolis µ biological air sampler

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