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Manufacturing ELISA kits, SPARCL™ kits, antibodies, and purified proteins for preclinical and veterinary research

Life Diagnostics, Inc. manufactures ELISA kits, SPARCL™ kits, purified biomarkers, and antibodies for preclinical research and veterinary diagnostics. Their areas of expertise include cardiovascular, acute phase, immunotoxicity, and immunology biomarkers in species such as mouse, rat, rabbit, cat, dog, pig, cow, monkey, and chicken. Due to the increasing research on PEGylated biologics, they have also developed anti-PEG monoclonal antibodies and ELISA kits for detection of PEG, mPEGylated proteins and anti-PEG antibodies. Life Diagnostics manufactures all of the products listed on their website.

Main product lines

  • Aquaculture poducts
  • SPARCL™ kits
  • Acute phase reagents
  • Cardiac biomarkers
  • Immunoglobulin reagents
  • Immunotoxicity ELISA kits
  • PEG reagents
  • Skeletal muscle reagents
  • Liver biomarkers

Life Diagnostics most popular ELISA kits

  • Animal acute phase markers:
    • Rabbit CRP (CRP-10-N)
    • Monkey CRP (CRP-3)
    • Pig Haptoglobin (HAPT-9)
    • Cow Haptoglobin (HAPT-11)
    • Cow Serum Amyloid A (SAA-11)
    • Rat alpha Macroglobulin (MAC-2)
    • Rat alpha-1-Acid-Glycoprotein (AGP-2)
  • Immunotoxicity:
    • Anti-KLH IgG and IgM (Mouse, Rat and Monkey)
    • Anti-PEG IgG and IgM (Mouse and Monkey)
  • Immunoglobulins:
    • Monkey IgE

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Life Diagnostics