Creators of Genomtec ID, a mobile platform for genetic diagnosis in the point of patient care.

Genomtec is an innovative technology company developing a unique mobile point of care (POC) genetic testing platform for the clinical diagnostics market. Its microfluidic lab-on-chip platform uses a patented contactless heating and detection system and a propriety LAMP based isothermal amplification method for detection of infectious disease pathogens. The company is set to launch its first multiplexed molecular diagnostics assay that can rapidly identify Influenza A/B, RSV A/B, SARS-CoV-2, M.pneumoniae and C.pneumoniae pathogens. Genomtec is headquartered in Poland, Wroclaw, with presence in the United Kingdom, where part of the international research and engineering team is located.

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Genomtec products

  • Genomtec® ID
  • Genomtec Tumor
  • Genomtec® SARS-CoV-2 EvaGreen®
  • Genomtec® RT-LAMP Duo Kit
  • Genomtec® RT-LAMP Direct

Portable Genomtec ID diagnostic system

Genomtec ID is a flagship technological solution currently under development, which will offer patients ultrafast mobile genetic diagnosis utilizing SNAAT®. The Genomtec ID platform makes it possible to run a diagnostic process at point of care, i.e., public clinics, consulting rooms, hospital, pharmacies and emergency wards, without the need of complicated and time-consuming handling by skilled personnel in the laboratory.

The platform includes an analyzer and reaction card with integrated genetic tests and provides multiplexing capability of up to five genetic targets at the same time. SARS-CoV-2 will be included in one of the Genomtec ID’s diagnostic panels intended for identification of respiratory diseases.

Currently, the Genomtec ID platform is at the industrialization stage in collaboration with the international CDMO partner in order to prepare the system for mass production. The manufacturable version of the microfluidic card is in its final stage of development. It is being created using injection moulding technology resulting from the experience of the German company, Microfluidic ChipShop.

It is expected that the POC molecular diagnostic industry will increase by approx. 14% CAGR by 2024, while the POC molecular diagnostic market is expected to be valued at USD 3.9 billion in 2024.

Handling of the Genomtec ID platform

Handling of the Genomtec ID platform

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