GenomeMe offers 260+ IHC antibodies for clinical use as well as in vitro diagnostic kits.

GenomeMe Lab Inc. is a Vancouver-based biotech company specializing in mouse and rabbit IHC (immunohistochemistry) monoclonal antibodies for clinical diagnostic use. Since our inception in 2017, our goal has been to develop each of the 260+ clinical IHC antibodies in-house, making us the first and only institution to date to achieve this. We are on track to reach this R&D goal – hitting a monumental milestone in the history of our company’s development. GenomeMe Lab Inc. is rising to be a dominant player in diagnostic IHC applications, an increasingly essential part of future precision medicine technologies.

New and Unique IHC Markers (BRAFV600E, IDH1 R132H, ROS1, PD-L1, etc)

Major product lines

  • Immunohistochemistry monoclonal antibodies

Main products

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