The most complete and original panel for oxidative balance evaluation with the unique d-ROMs Test

Diacron International is a leading company in the research and diagnostics of oxidative balance evaluation, both in vitro and in vivo for the human, veterinary and agri-food sectors.

The company was founded in 2001 by Mauro Carratelli, with the goal of transforming oxidative stress evaluation into clinical practice and making it available to the various healthcare professionals.

Diacron International’s products are dedicated to monitoring the balance of oxidants (free radicals) and antioxidants and are aimed at a wide range of professionals in research, medicine, complementary and alternative health, both in private and public areas.

The company manufactures and markets the kits of Panel Carratelli (d-ROMs Test, BAP Test, OXY-Adsorbent Test, anti-ROMs Test and others) and dedicated analytical instruments (FREE Carpe Diem and FREE DUO). It is established worldwide as a reference company in oxidative balance research thanks to its internal Research & Development activity which enabled the development of innovative tests. Diacron International is a company certified according to ISO 9001 which enables the design and manufacture of high-standard products and ISO 13485, that grants the manufacture of safe and effective medical devices.

Main product lines

  • Reagent kits for oxidative stress evaluation:
    • They are applicable to many different platforms and biological matrices.
  • POC instruments

Main products

  • d-ROMs test – Reactive oxigen metabolites: MC001
  • BAP test – Biological antioxidant potential: MC436
  • OXY-Adsorbent test – Total antioxidant barrier: MC434
  • -SHp test – Plasmatic thiol groups: MC432
  • FREE DUO – Dedicated photometer with integrated centrifuge, thermostat, printer: DUO
  • FREE Carpe Diem – Dedicated photometer with integrated centrifuge, thermostat, printer: FCD

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