Molecular diagnostics simplified

ZytoVision develops and manufactures innovative in vitro diagnostic products, primarily focused on solid and hematological tumor diagnostics, using the in situ hybridization techniques FISH and CISH. Nowadays, more and more genetic markers must be evaluated on a patient’s sample to identify the appropriate treatment. These diagnostic requirements led them to the development of new and unique probe designs as e.g. for the simultaneous detection of different genetic markers on only one slide.

ZytoVision stands for a continuous product development process in collaboration with many international clinical partners as well as strict and thorough quality controls during their production processes of their more than 300 CE-certified in vitro diagnostic devices. ZytoVision’s high-quality diagnostic devices are already in use in more than 100 countries around the world.

Main product lines

  • Zytolight®, products for FISH analysis
  • FlexISH®, products for fl exible FISH
  • ZytoMation®, product for automated FISH
  • ZytoDot®, products for CISH analysis
  • ZytoFast®, products for CISH analysis
  • VisionArray®, arrays for DNA analysis

Main products

  • ZytoLight SPEC ROS1 Dual Color Break Apart Probe: Z-2144-50/-200
  • ZytoLight SPEC ERBB2/CEN 17 Dual Color Probe: Z-2015-50/-200
  • ZytoLight SPEC MDM2/CEN 12 Dual Color Probe: Z-2013-50/-200
  • ZytoLight SPEC MET/CEN 7 Dual Color Probe: Z-2087-50/-200
  • ZytoLight SPEC ALK Dual Color Break Apart Probe: Z-2124-50/-200
  • ZytoLight SPEC MYC Dual Color Break Apart Probe: Z-2090-50/-200
  • ZytoLight SPEC ALK/EML4 TriCheck Probe: Z-2117-50/-200
  • ZytoLight SPEC RET Dual Color Break Apart Probe: Z-2148-50/-200
  • ZytoLight SPEC BCL2 Dual Color Break Apart Probe: Z-2192-50/-200
  • ZytoLight SPEC BCL6 Dual Color Break Apart Probe: Z-2177-50/-200

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