Market leader in ADAMTS 13 diagnostics with diagnostic options such as screening, automated and ELISA’s

At Technoclone, they see innovation as their duty to help overcome new complexities in the diagnosis of haematological and cardiovascular diseases. Today more than ever. Technoclone is a leading manufacturer of diagnostic assays worldwide; equipment and research products in the field of hemostasis, offering one of the most complete product portfolios on the market.

The Ceveron s100 is the first fully automated coagulation analyzer for coagulation, chromogenic, turbidimetric assays, thrombin generation and quencing technology (for FXIII and ADAMTS13 activity). With the development of the new high-power LED quenching module, the Ceveron s100 is a milestone in specialized hemostasis diagnostics. Technoclone, your partner for tomorrow’s diagnostic challenges.

Fully automated coagulation analyzer for clotting, chromogenic, turbidimetric assays, TGA and quenching assays.

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