Illuminating proteins and their interactions

Navinci (formerly Olink Bioscience), has a proud history of inventing analytical technologies for nucleic acids and proteins, identifying commercial opportunities and bringing successful products to market to serve scientists in research and drug development. Founded in 2004 based on breakthrough innovations by Ulf Landegren and colleagues at Uppsala University, the company has directly marketed a wide range of products including the Duolink in situ protein detection product line, which was acquired by Sigma-Aldrich in 2016.

Navinci has also launched several subsidiaries such as Olink Proteomics (privately owned) for high-throughput protein analysis in blood, Q-linea (listed on Nasdaq) focusing on counteracting antibiotic resistance in sepsis, and Halogenomics (acquired by Agilent) in target selection for next generation sequencing. In addition, the company has outlicensed IP rights to several leading international life science companies. Navinci holds a broad and growing patent portfolio utilizing oligonucleotide conjugated antibodies for the detection of proteins and their interactions.

From their base in Uppsala, Sweden, Navinci contributes to improving human health by providing scientist with sharp and tailor-made tools to study proteins and their interactions to understand human biology and develop better drugs.

Main product lines

  • Next generation kits and reagents for in situ protein analysis
  • In-house immunostaining service
  • Custom assay

Main products

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