Krishgen Biosystems

Sensitive kits, with a seven-point validation system

Krishgen, established in 2003 in Mumbai, is a reagent manufacturer for the life sciences and clinical diagnostics fields. Their goal is to enable breakthroughs in biological research, diagnostics, drug discovery and disease treatment by globally providing validated, high-quality and highly sensitivity assays and reagents at competitive prices, backed by focused technical support. They work with specialty reagents and technically intensive ELISA, and have over 700 citations on their products.

Main product lines

  • Immunoassays for biotherapeutics / pharmaceutical research and clinical studies
  • Pharmacokinetic and anti-drug antibody ELISA (both RUO and CE-IVD)
  • Peptide drug ELISA
  • Drug residue and contamination ELISA
  • Cytokine / biomarker ELISA for various species (human, rat, bovine etc)
  • Various COVID-19 ELISA

Main products

  • Adalimumab ELISA: KBI1015
  • Trastuzumab ELISA: KBI1017
  • Tocilizumab ELISA: KBI1022
  • Eculizumab ELISA: KBI1024
  • Mouse SARS-CoV-2 ELISA for IgG against Spike RBD: KBVH015-13
  • Human TNF alpha ELISA: KB1145
  • Human IL-6 ELISA: KB1068
  • Liraglutide ELISA: KBI5020
  • Mouse IFN gamma ELISA: KB2011
  • Rat IL-1 beta ELISA: KB3063

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Krishgen Biosystems